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Commit Trans Angkasa (CTA) for more than 20 years has been in the logistics and forwarding business. Successfully serving business-to-business (B2B) logistics sector, CTA is now growing bigger penetrating the business-to-consumer (B2C) field. Supported by a range of services offered, currently CTA has succeeded in becoming one of the best e-commerce cross-border providers in Indonesia.

These successes cannot be separated from our consistency in maintaining the quality of each service. Utilizing intermodal transportation services, we will ensure all your orders are stored properly, delivered on time, and arrived at the customer's hands in a safe condition.

CTA works with various e-commerce marketplaces in Indonesia. We can be your logistics partner in maximizing your business achievements so that your team can focus their efforts on strategic initiatives such as R & D and marketing. We can transform your science into gains .

By using our services, all problems and obstacles in sending and storing cross-border items can be overcome. We give solutions with no problems.

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